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Money Circles
available now!

In our Money Circles course, you and your friends embark on an empowering financial journey together. Over 8 dynamic modules, you'll delve into investing, master budgeting, and learn strategies for managing money with partners and kids. More than just financial knowledge, Money Circles emphasizes the power of connection and community, offering a supportive space to process your feelings and experiences around money. Explore financial wellness practices, share insights, and build a prosperous future together. Join Money Circles and transform your financial mindset through shared learning and mutual support!


Speaking Across Political Differences
sampler available now!

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Pregnancy Loss
under development

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Faith and Feminism Community
available now!

In our Faith and Feminism Community course, community and connection are at the heart of our journey. Through a series of transformative sessions, you and your friends will explore the intersections of your religious backgrounds and feminism, processing and embracing the evolving aspects of your faith. Join to share experiences, develop understanding and empathy, and feel empowered in your spiritual and feminist paths. Together, we’ll navigate the rich tapestry of faith and feminism, growing stronger in our convictions and connections.

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Making Motherhood Work
under development


Remote Work Communities
under development

Working from Home
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