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In our Money Circles course, you and your friends embark on an empowering financial journey together. Over 8 dynamic modules, you'll delve into investing, master budgeting, and learn strategies for managing money with partners and kids. More than just financial knowledge, Money Circles emphasizes the power of connection and community, offering a supportive space to process your feelings and experiences around money. Explore financial wellness practices, share insights, and build a prosperous future together. Join Money Circles and transform your financial mindset through shared learning and mutual support! Ideal for 2-5 participants (you can split the cost of the course as well).


15% off through July 20th!


Course modules are as follows: 1) Money Feels, 2) Investing, 3) Debt, Credit, and Budgeting, 4) Spending and Giving, 5) Work, 6) Money with Partners and Kids, 7) Housing, and 8) Financial Wellness. 

Money Circles

$350.00 Regular Price
$297.50Sale Price
  • Purchase of course comes with a downloadable PDF of the course (video elements excluded) and a web address where you can work through the course live. Both PDF and web address are sharable with the friends you want to work through the course with (and you can split the course cost with these friends as well!).

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