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I am a passionate community-builder. I've taught and designed university courses since 2015 and have run several discussion groups in-person and virtually to educate, support, and connect with other individuals.

These courses are unique because they are designed to work through with your friends. Many online courses are individual, but learning and connection happen at a group level when we are open and genuine.


Discussion groups rely on the power of community in helping people thrive in their everyday lives and work toward their larger goals. We just need the space and time to sit down and think through important parts of life.

I'm excited to share my community courses with you, Money Circles and Faith & Feminism available on July 1st!

You can purchase courses here and read about information coming from each of these groups on this site. Whether it be here or with others in your area, we want you to find or build a community of people who support you in living the life you want to lead. 

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Community Courses - coming July 2024!

Blooming where planted.

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