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Connecting People and Ideas

Claire's Communities


Welcome to Claire's Communities, where you connect with people by taking on taboo topics you didn't know how to bring up. Courses function like a book club, but they're better — They include educational materials you work through together and guided discussion questions to give you time to reflect on your own experiences and values as well as create community.

These courses help you talk through complex and important topics with a group of friends, family, and/or acquaintances. I'm here to break down taboos by creating brave spaces of openness, sharing, and learning. 


Check out the Communities page for all of the topics I cover! Participation will help you not just survive but THRIVE as you sort through complex dynamics around money, religion, politics, grief, and relationships.

Money Circles and Faith & Feminism available alongside a freebie on political difference!

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Sarah, IN

"After a Faith and Feminism discussion, I have come away so enlightened. It is always time well spent. My favorite part is the diversity of the group, age included!  It enriches the conversations and adds to the growth of understanding and perspective of whatever topic is being discussed. 

Jenna, AZ

"Participating in discussion groups around money has been a game-changer me. Not only have I learned valuable tips and tricks for managing my finances, but I've also connected with others in new ways. Being part of a community that supports and encourages financial growth has been incredibly empowering."

Shireen, CO

“I have never felt so connected with others. I also really value the time set aside to think through my values and experiences.”

Blooming where planted.

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